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We are here to support the people who are designing and building Britains finest gardens, for the people who need mature plants for instant impact.  We make it simple for you.

We will supply all your structural planting requirements;  mature trees, hedging, topiary, multistems and specimen plants along with the all the sundries you will need.

The plants will arrive when you want them to, on the correct size vehicle for the site and with a forklift to help offload if required.  Working with Kingsdown means you have one supplier to deal with, one delivery to organise and one batch of plants with the same excellent quality standard.

Our industry experience combined with a deep seated culture of care allows us to support the professional in a way that is not always easy to find.  Working with Kingsdown means so much more than quality plants.


Ordering is easy. We’ll do our very best to make things as simple and as efficient as possible for you. We understand that you probably won’t find all the answers on this website and that is why we have a team of dedicated and enthusiastic assitants ready to help you with any query you may have. The following process is normally how it goes from here…

This could take the form of a full planting schedule of varieties, quantity and specification – or, (as is often the case with property developers and landscape architects) send us the plans and we’ll quote from the bill of quantities (please ensure these are clearly identifiable). Your enquiry details may be submitted via the Enquire Direct form below or by email sales@kingsdown-uk.com. Of course you are also very welcome to call us or to visit and discuss requirements at our offices.

Make an enquiry

We have a team of six in this department who are constantly sourcing, quoting and working with our customers to fulfil their requirements within budget. Once we have received your planting list we will formulate our quotation. If the items are not in stock at our nursery we will begin dialogue with our growers and source quality plants to the correct specifications. If required we will offer alternative size options and should substitutes be necessary these will be clearly shown on the quotation.

We will be in touch a day or two after you have received the quotation to see if there’s anything else you need or answer any questions you may have.

Once you have confirmed your order we will send you an order acceptance email with a link to our trading terms and conditions. Attached to the email will be the acceptance document which shows everything that you have ordered.   The stock required will be immediately reserved.

Government bodies and Public Institutions are automatically entitled to a credit facility. Credit is also available on application to other customers (subject to satisfactory credit checks) and can be requested by telephone 01793 700997 or email accounts@kingsdown-uk.com Some previous trading history is required before a credit account is opened. Where credit facilities are not in place payment must be made before delivery.

As soon as your order is complete you will be  contacted by our transport team to book in the earliest delivery date that works for you. Delivery is nationwide and normally available within ten to fourteen working days from the date of order. Charges are at cost or free at our discretion on large orders and unless asked otherwise we will send an unpriced delivery note with every delivery. We work closely with a local haulier and the delivery fleet consists of 13 articulated trucks, 26 rigid trucks and of these 15 are available with moffat forklifts which can be a huge help on site when we are offloading mature plants or large quantities of pallets. Along with these we have vans and 7.5 ton trucks also available.

Orders under £300 plus VAT are collect only.

Working with Kingsdown

Working with Kingsdown will make your business more profitable and less stressful.


    We are all in business to make a profit and we are here to help you do that.  We firmly believe that if we can provide you with a competitive and accurate quotation in a prompt manner you are more likely to win the order.  And if you can deliver your projects on time, the plants are excellent quality, risks and problems are dealt with by us in a fair and efficient way we know that you can expect to win more orders on the back of  successful projects. We will provide you with an accurate quotation as quickly as possible and will supply you with quality plants, at competitive prices and deliveries will arrive on time.  Should there be issues we will let you know at the earliest opportunity and provide a solution.


”Kingsdown have always been very supportive, courteous and offered tremendous help to us every time we place an order or have a quote request. Even when things have not quite gone to plan Kingsdown have always had a solution and been very quick to resolve any issues albeit this has been on a very rare occasion. The Plant prices and quality have always been excellent; this has led to us earning more business on the back of other successful jobs. I feel we are more competitive using Kingsdown in our projects than with other suppliers.”



    As many would know there can come a point when stress begins to loom larger than the benefits of a profitable business and we might begin to wonder if it is really worth it. Stress in business can come from many different angles but for those involved in running garden design and build projects, we know that often it comes from managing the expectations of the client or property owner.  We will provide you with everything you need to clearly communicate the cost, specifications and look of the plants, delivery timescales and anything else that is required to satisfy your client that they are getting what they need. 


”When meeting client expectations is paramount, I consider Kingsdown a key part of my team. At worst, the plants are as expected; nine times out of ten they are better. Deliveries come when they say they will with the correct quantities and their prices are really competitive. Nothing is too much trouble and their reliability means one of the key stresses of the job is removed – clients are happy, contractors are happy and the project looks amazing!  I can’t commend Kingsdown highly enough.”


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