Frequently asked questions

Having perused this website, you may still have questions or be undecided as to whether Kingsdown is really the right nursery for you. Here, we’ve attempted to pre-empt some of your questions. They are just the sort of things we should like to know if we were trying a new supplier for the first time.


Payment terms:

Government bodies and Public Institutions are automatically entitled to a credit facility. Credit is also available on application to other buyers (subject to satisfactory credit checks) and can be requested by telephone 01793 700 997 or email Some previous trading history is required before a credit account is opened. Where credit facilities are not in place payment must be made before delivery.


What happens if something goes wrong?

It’s when issues arise that we find suppliers show their true colours. Will your supplier try to avoid the issue or win the dispute and ultimately lose your trust? Or will they take ownership of the error, look ahead, work with you, take your view on board and turn the situation round?  Nobody likes mistakes or mishaps but we see putting them right as an opportunity to build enduring and lasting relationships with our customers that perhaps couldn’t be achieved in any other way.

As one customer put it… ‘Even when things have not quite gone to plan Kingsdown have always had a solution and been very quick to resolve any issues albeit this has been on a very rare occasion.’ 

And another… ‘Everyone makes mistakes but it is a mark of a good company how well they deal with them and I do appreciate your swift and comprehensive response.’


Are Kingsdown’s plants guaranteed? As follows:

1) We promise to supply stock that is structurally sound, healthy and true-to-type. If we get this wrong, we will supply you with free replacements or a refund as long as you let us know within 48 hours of delivery.

2) If your plant dies for no apparent reason within one year of planting we may replace it once, like for like* free of charge, or refund the cost of the plant, at our discretion. However, we do require that you let us know if the plant appears to be struggling before it is actually dead. We may make a site visit allowing us to establish the cause of the problem, to offer a solution before it is too late or advise on the replacement.

3) If failure is due to natural causes e.g. flooding, extreme cold, pests, or from negligent maintenance or planting methods, unsuitable soil conditions or location, then we reserve the right not to replace the plant.

4) Any dealings regarding replacements etc. will be with you, our trade customer, not your client.

*The term Like for Like means the same species and specification as originally supplied and does not include replanting costs or any other consequential losses.


I am a tradesperson. What if my client tries to go direct to Kingsdown?

As a supplier to the trade we would normally expect our customers to make a profit on the plants we supply. Occasionally our customers’ clients object to this and try to find out what our selling prices are or to buy from us direct. As we are used to doing business with professionals it is normally very easy for us to recognise these people. We politely tell them we cannot discuss any details and that they will need to go through their trade supplier for prices and information. Protection of our wholesale customers is very important to us and we do all we can to ensure there are no issues from this quarter. For clarification as to who we do supply please visit Our Customers page.


Can my client visit the nursery and will Kingsdown advise them on my behalf ?

Your client may visit our nursery but only if accompanied by yourself.  Kingsdown is not available to liaise, advise or discuss project details with your clients.


Are Kingsdown growers or traders?

We have been growing trees and shrubs since the early 1980’s and still continue to do so – now along with some large topiary. However, the majority of what we supply is now grown off-site by our partners in this country and the Continent.


More of your questions may be answered in our terms and conditions but if there are any we’ve not covered we’ll be very glad to help. 01793 700 997 or

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