Our Guarantee

1)  We guarantee to supply stock that is structurally sound, healthy and true-to-type. If we get this wrong, we will supply you with free replacements or a refund as long as you let us know within 48 hours of delivery/collection.


2)  If you have followed our planting guidelines (found here) and the plant dies within one year of planting we will replace it once, like for like* free of charge, or refund the cost of the plant, at our discretion. However, we do require that you let us know if the plant appears to be struggling before it is actually dead. We may make a site visit allowing us to establish the cause of the problem, to offer a solution before it is too late or advise on the replacement.

  • A 90% survival rate is normal for bareroot hedging so our guarantee for bareroot hedging only applies if there are losses of more than 10%.
  • Flower bulbs, Turf and Tree Ferns are not covered by our guarantee.


3)  If death is due to natural causes e.g. flooding, extreme cold, pests, or from negligent maintenance or planting methods, unsuitable soil conditions or location, then we reserve the right not to replace the plant.


4)  Any dealings regarding replacements etc. will be with you, our trade customer, not your client or a third party.


*The term Like for Like means the same species and specification as originally supplied and does not include replanting costs, delivery costs or any other losses.

This guarantee can also be found in our terms and conditions.

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